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WHAT THE F.A.R.Z.?!?!?

Born under a full moon with a hint of fish guts in the air, the Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies beamed in on a green cloud of pungent vapor ready for ninja like pencil to paper action!

Yes, it was unlike anything the galaxy had ever seen.  Two freaky robots from another dimension with a pocket full of kryptonite and a claw full of dreams.  After about twenty minutes of disorientation, these two FARZ -bots made a bold declaration!  That some time in the next two or three millennium they would take over the Universe!!

Lofty goals to be sure.  But, who really are these guys and where do they come from?  Jeff Felson, cartoonist and comic artist.  Chad Jasper also draws the funnies.  It will be here in this medium of comic books that their impossible genius may (or may not) be revealed.  Mankind, you have been warned!!!

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