Q:  So, you guys are calling yourselves Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies Studios, Eh?  Really???  So, you must think you're pretty funny then?

A: Well, yes we do!  But we also thought it was quite unique and who doesn't love robots and zombies and the atomic age and... FREAKINESS!!!

Q: I like your style!  How can I get a comic from you guys?

A: Email us and we will do our best to try to send you one for $10.00 + shipping costs. Payment arranged via PayPal (and both parties trusting we're all good on our word.) #MNnice.  Also, at most local MPLS comic conventions.

Q:  So you guys do comic conventions?  Freakin' awesome -as I'd just love to meet you both in person!

A: That'd be swell!  We mainly do the comic conventions local to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  MCBA ComicCons, Crypticon MPLS, Wizard World Chicago and we did Convergence -once.  But, we are hoping to do a few other ones in other states in the near future.  Check the news page for updates!