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Q:  This comic you guys are doing looks like it's 2 different comic properties in one comic book, is that right?

A: Correct!  We decided to put BOTH of our comic titles in one printed comic book.  It's a flip book.  On one side is the

totally FARZ -tastic POOPMAN and CORNBOY and once you are done reading that you simply flip the comic book over and read THE CYBERPUNK 3000.  Two different universes in one book!  40 original pages with no advertisements.

Q: Poopman and Cornboy?!?!? That sounds really funny but is it suitable for kids?

A: We think so!  It's just lighthearted bathroom humor.  Nothing really gross or super inappropriate by today's standards.  Unless you don't think POOP is funny!  But, let's face it -everyone thinks POOP is funny.  See, you laughed when I said POOOOOP.  HA!  You just laughed again ya silly!!!! (You're soooo immature.)

Q:  The other side of the comic is called THE CYBERPUNK 3000.  Sounds like it's part of the Cyberpunk genre, is it?

A: Sort of... However, this is not true to the hardcore genre of Cyberpunk.  It's a story about a 1980's punk rocker who becomes cyber -ized via an alien helmet that falls out of the sky.  This helmet -when she put's it on, amplifies her punk rock aesthetic sensibilities and turns her into an armored punk robotic hero of sorts.  A CYBERPUNK 3000 if you will!

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