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Q:  I see you guys have a SKETCH BLOG of various random pop culture and comic book characters.  So, if I want you guys to do a sketch of my favorite character how can I make that happen?

A: Well.... You can email us for a commission and whom ever you want to do the artwork will correspond with you and try to accommodate your request and make a payment agreement.  As we mentioned earlier, we also do the local Minneapolis, MN comic book conventions and if you see us there we will most likely draw it for you right then and there! (for a very nominal fee of course... we're not in this for the money -obviously.)

Q: So, I'm a huge publisher/ T.V. /Movie producer and I think POOPMAN and CORNBOY & THE CYBERPUNK 3000 would make really fantastic multi -media projects like, movies/ video games and other exciting entertainment properties and believe I could make us all VERY wealthy if we could agree to a lucrative deal together.  Would either or both of you be interested in taking a meeting with me at my L.A. penthouse suite sometime VERY SOON?!?!

A: Yeaaaaah, we are both on pretty important and busy schedules.  However, we might be able to pencil you in for a tentative discussion some where between now and next Tuesday, if that would work? Why don't you have your people call our people & let's see if we can't have a little nosh at Spago and swap plastic surgeons business cards.  Right now, we gotta go catch a red eye to Milan but, let's keep in touch -mmmm kay??? (light non touching cheek kiss and -END SCENE.)

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