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There are aliens living among us and it is believed Chad maybe one of them.  Some believe he hails from a from a far off galaxy three parsecs some where beyond the third stone from the sun.  (Though this is still all an unconfirmed rumor at this point in time, but intriguing to consider none the less.)

What is certain about Chad is that he was born sometime in the last seven thousand years.  As a youth he was drawn to cartoons and comic book superheroes just like any other child of the 1970's was.  So many things were emerging at this time in popular culture that would have a profound influence on him.  Star Wars, Superman: the movie, theatrical rock band KISS, arcade video games, action figures, MAD magazine and skateboarding to name a few.  It was precisely these things that would inspire the young lad to frequently pick up a pencil & paper and pay homage to all of the above.

A while later Chad decided that upon graduating high school he would enroll at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.  There Chad really developed his artistic skills, honing his ability to draw and paint traditionally.  Best of all though -it was there at CVA that Chad met a few guys who would remain life long friends.  One of these fellows in particular was Jeff Felson.  Chad and Jeff realized that they both shared a love of sci fi, fantasy and comic book illustration.

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and Chad & Jeff are still at it!  They have both been working professionally as digital graphic artists ever since graduating from the art college.  Recently however they decided to combine their wonder twin powers and form FREAKY ATOMIC ROBOT ZOMBIES STUIDOS.  It is here that they are writing, penciling, inking, lettering and coloring their own original independent comic book creations.  Chad has penned a 60+ page tale titled THE CYBERPUNK 3000.  It's a story that combines all those things he loved as a kid,  rock music, skateboarding, arcade video games, comic book super heroes and elements of science fiction & fantasy.  Chad has also been known to do the occasional cartoony doodle now & again and he might just be posting such things in the BLOG section.  So stay tuned kids and remember, the FARZ will be with you... always!

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